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Learn how to build a graze, the Shmore Boards way! Grab your nearest & dearest for a workshop filled with all our favorite things - cheese, wine and laughs.  

Let's Graze!

Workshop Options

The Shmore Boards Experience

Get your hands cheesy in an interactive workshop led

by Shanice, our Founder & Creative Director. Learn the tips and tricks we use in-house to design a delicious spread that will impress all of your future guests.


This private workshop includes:

  • All materials & ingredients for you to create your own dreamy graze

  • 3 types of artisanal cheeses of your choice

  • Wine suggestions for cheeses included in your grazes

  • The Shmore Boards Guide to Grazing 

  • Q & A

  • Fun surprises & lots of laughter!

$85 per person
The Shmore Boards Show

Get a front-row seat to creating a Shmore Boards graze. Watch as we design your board or table in-person and talk you through our beautiful process.

This fun demonstration includes:​

  • Your choice of grazing board or table

  • A breakdown on how we create grazes 

  • A tasting of our       Specialty cheeses & sweets

  • All ingredients for your graze

  • A selection of artisanal cheeses of your choice

  • Wine and food pairing suggestions for inclusions in your graze

  • Q & A

  • Fun surprises & lots of laughter!

starts at $199

minimum of 10 people

Just like our grazes, workshops are completely customizable! We want to hear your ideas and bring your vision to life.

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