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3 Romantic and Fun Valentine's Day Ideas in Atlanta For Foodie Couples

You don’t have to think outside of the box this Valentine’s Day, we’re doing it for you. We understand the pressure of coming up with fun, romantic ideas every year to keep the spark alive, so we thought up a few foodie activities you and your partner are sure to enjoy. They’re suitable for any couple, whether you’ve just started dating or you’re several decades into your love connection. Even better — they allow you to exercise 4 of the 5 love languages: quality time, physical touch, gifts and words of affirmation.

Build Your Own Board

Materials: Lovers & Friends Dessert Board Ticket

Learning a new skill with your partner is sexy! Switch up your dinner and movie night with a safe, socially distance activity, like a dessert board workshop. We’re hosting a fun sweet Valentine’s Day workshop you can enjoy with the one you love (or like)! Sip on complimentary cocktails, learn how to create a unique board filled with yummy sweets and taste artisan cheese and chocolates. The car ride home with be just as fun talking about your favorite moments and tucking into your board. Let’s face it, the probability of those sweets making it home is slim to none.

Blindfolded Bites

Materials: Cheeseboard, blindfold, wine optional

This fun and flirty activity is THE most delicious form of foreplay. Blindfold your partner and pair a few treats together to create a ‘perfect bite’. (E.g. pile of a piece of cheese, with a drizzle of honey and a dried apricot on a cracker) Play around with the different combinations on your cheeseboard and take turns guessing what’s in the bite. The more foods you include in your bite, the more challenging it will be for him/her to guess. And if you really want to turn up the heat, add wine! We’ll leave the rules and penalties up to you. 😉

Tip: If your making your own cheeseboard, make sure you have at least 10 food options to play around with. Shmore Boards includes a wide variety of cheeses, meats, fruits, dips, crunches and more on every board to ensure there are endless pairing options. Your taste buds will thank us!

Couples Charcuterie Competition

Materials: 2 Shmore Boards grazing boxes, 2 platters/boards, cheese knives

Have a double date night with another couple and order a grazing box. Each couple will be tasked with working together to unbox their graze and plating it creatively. You’ll need to invite an unbiased judge to declare the winner of the board, who gets bragging rights for the year until your next Valentine’s Day. Do we smell a yearly tradition cooking up? The beauty of this game is it can be done virtually or in person if everyone is comfortable. Once the competition is over, you can continue the laughs collectively and dig in, or enjoy your boards separately if you want privacy with your partners.

Any of these flirty ideas catch your eye? Our Lovers & Friends Valentine’s Collection will help you with any of these activities. Check it out and let us know which ones you want to try with your partner.

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