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Debunking 4 Popular Cheeseboard Rules That You Should Rebel Against

Cheeseboards should be simple. Charcuterie boards shouldn’t include sweets. Fruits are just fillers on a board.'

These are just a few of the myths we’ve seen floating around in articles about cheeseboards, and we’re setting the record straight. Here are some of the popular cheeseboard tips that we’ve decided to rebel against to create our beautifully layered charcuterie boards.

It’s best to keep it simple, less is more

This is one we’ve seen so often over the years, and we’ve always disagreed. More is always more in our book. More cheese, more color, more variety, more texture, more flavor, means so much more fun when eating a cheeseboard. Adding more variety to a board won’t confuse your guests, but will actually give them more to explore. It opens them up to new cheeses they’ve never tried and new pairings they didn’t think they’d enjoy. That’s why our boards and boxes and layered with various cheeses, crackers, charcuteries, fruits, dips, nuts, dried fruits, pastes, chocolate, and garnish.

You can’t enjoy a cheeseboard when you’re pregnant

Pasteurized cheeses are typically pregnancy-safe, and guess what? Most cheeses in America are pasteurized - even the soft ones like goat or brie. Another reason why charcuterie boards aren’t good for pregnancy is due to the nitrates in salami. While we do agree with cutting back on foods with nitrates, there’s an easy way around this. Alternatives like prosciutto, bresaola or turkey are great options for your board when you’re avoiding salami. And with all the other fruits and accompaniments present, there are plenty of options for pregnant ladies. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or pregnancy before altering your diet.

Keep sweets off the board

If this is wrong we don’t want to be right. Who doesn’t want to finish off a delicious cheese platter with a little something sweet? And if you’re a believer in dessert first, you won’t need to go far to indulge. We place our specialty in-house made chocolate bark on every graze because:

  1. It’s delicious!

  2. It pairs perfectly with wine. (Especially the orange dark chocolate)

  3. It completes your board

And if you’re a true foodie, we dare you to even try a piece of chocolate with your cheese, and let us know what you think.

Fruits are fillers

On the contrary fruits are actually fun. They bring color, texture, definition and best of all variety when it comes to building flavors. Have you ever tried a raspberry with vintage cheddar and coppa before? You absolutely need to, but you can’t if fruits missing on your boards. This goes for other accoutrements, like nuts and dips. Every piece plays an important part in making your pairing dreams come true.

Have you seen our Hoppin' Easter Collection? It's filled with sweet treats like cotton candy bunnies and donuts, and a specialty sweet/savory grazing box. Check it out here!

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