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The 3 Most Popular Kinds of Cheese on the Shmore Boards Cheese List

With 28 kinds of cheese to choose from, we imagine a lot of our clients sitting at the computer pondering which ones to include in their charcuterie board.

Do I want to try something new, stay safe, get a mixture? Actually, I’ll just have them surprise me.

It can be tough to choose, especially when you’re a cheese-lover we know first hand. That’s why we take the pressure off you by including the most popular customer-picks, along with our current favorite.

Here’s a breakdown of what you all are loving the most in Q1 of 2021

Cran-Pecan Goat

We don’t think our in-house specialty has ever given up her miss popularity crown since she was created. She may never will unless we create something even more delicious that is!

🧀 Overview: A honey-infused goat cheese rolled in cranberries and pecans.

🍷 Wine Pairings: Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are the perfect dessert wines to compliment the sweetness of this coveted cheese.

🍓 Food Pairings: If you really have a sweet tooth, add a little drop of honey and pair with a cranberry cracker. If you enjoy a sweet and savory blend, scoop up your goat cheese with a rosemary cracker.

Aged Cheddar

Cheddar is a classic, so it comes as no surprise that it is often requested by customers. But don’t be fooled, it’s not always a safe cheese.

🧀 Overview: This popular pick can be mild or explosive, depending on the age. A vintage cheddar will always be our favorite due to its boldness and tangy finish.

🍷 Wine Pairings: Cabernet Sauvignon can really handle the sharpness of a good cheddar, as the tannins in this red complement the cheese perfectly.

🍓 Food Pairings: Sesame cracker, fig preserves, coppa and aged cheddar is a combo your taste buds didn’t know they needed.


She’s better known as Queen Brie in our book.

🧀 Overview: The poshest of cheeses has a rind that protects her creamy interior and is so smooth to taste. Our favorite thing about brie is you can enjoy her as is or bake her for the yummiest appetizer.

🍷 Wine Pairings: Champagne, of course! Champagne and brie are a match made in cheesy heaven, as the acidity and bubbles are a pleasant contrast to the creaminess of the queen of all cheeses.

🍓 Food Pairings: A fruit n’ nut cracker, brie, fig, honey. It’s so perfect, there’s nothing more for us to say.

If you’re ever stumped on what cheeses to include in your Shmore Board, feel free to ask us our favorites and we’re more than happy to share. And if you’re creating a cheeseboard at home remember, the key is variety. Think about a variety of flavors and textures when choosing different cheeses to feature.

Do you know what really brings on all the flavors on your board? Honey! Here’s why honey belongs on every charcuterie board.

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