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The Types of Charcuterie Boards You Need For Every Occasion

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

There is no occasion in life that doesn’t call for a cheeseboard. None. Celebrations, congratulations, anniversaries, condolences, get-togethers we can go on and on, but you catch the drift. There’s nothing too casual or too extravagant for a cheeseboard.

In fact, our range of products reflects all of life’s celebrations and gatherings. We’ve curated a list of the most popular client occasions and their perfect boards to match.

Date Night

Fun fact: our Small Grazing Box was almost called our Date Night box, but we decided against it because there are so many more reasons to indulge in this bountiful box. But it really is the perfect Date Night meal. It’s interactive, fun and so so yummy. Plus, it’s a good way to learn more about what your partner enjoys and spice things up a bit. (If you’ve read our valentine’s ideas blog, you know what we’re getting at.😏)

The Small Grazing Box, $65


Spring (aka picnic season) will be among us in a blink of an eye. Whether you're hanging out in the park with friends or enjoying a beach day with family, Our Large Grazing Box is the perfect centerpiece snack. It's conveniently designed in a box and comes complete with a honey dipper utensil set. Just bring the plates and the wine, and you’re good to go. And if your close your eyes while munching on a piece of cheese smothered with honey on a cracker, it’ll feel like Paris.

The Large Grazing Box, $95

Corporate Meeting

Let’s face it, any meeting without snacks should’ve been an email. There’s nothing like a cheeseboard to get your team engaged and encouraged, especially during these times. Whether you’re in-office or working remotely, our Mini Grazing Boxes are the go-to for fun team-bonding time. Did someone say team lunch? How about Friday happy hour? Heck, we can make it a quarterly tradition!

The Mini Grazing Box, $35 (minimum purchase of 10)

Girl’s Night In

Imagine this you’ve managed to gather your girls after weeks of trying to get your schedules in sync. Between Netflix and Hulu, you have a quality movie line-up and the wine expert in the group is bringing all the goods. So what are you missing? The (not so) Small Grazing Board. Despite its name, this board is the most popular because it seems to be neverending. It’s the perfect treat for intimate gatherings of six and with five cheeses to play with, the pairing options are endless.

The Small Grazing Board, starts at $145


The Mini Grazing Board is hands-down the cutest option on our menu. It literally looks like a food bouquet and if you’re trying to show your love or appreciation for someone, this is THE way to go. We pile on the good stuff (cheese, fruits, meats and more) on a mini acacia board and add the crackers on the side. We often hear it’s too pretty to eat. But was created for you to dig in, so please do just that.

The Mini Grazing Board, $95


Every wedding needs good food and decor. Guess what, the Grazing Table ticks both of those boxes at your reception or cocktail hour. If you’re ever been in awe of our charcuterie boards, our tables will knock your socks off, along with your guests. The art, along with the insanely wide selection of food is an amazing conversation piece that will keep guests entertained and amazed.

The Grazing Table, starts at $495

When it comes to occasions and celebrations, there’s a cheeseboard for anything. And even when it’s a normal Wednesday and you’re hanging solo rewatching Grey’s Anatomy for the 17th time, a small cheese board with your favorite glass of red would only make that self-care moment better.

Let us know in the comments! What’s your favorite occasion to indulge in a cheeseboard?

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